Friends of David Frankel,  Authorized by Sandra Elwood, Campaign Manager 

I have a sailor's vision for what's needed in Annapolis. It is to appreciate what it means for us to live in this boat together. We are fortunate that the boat we love to live in is the good ship Annapolis. She’s a beautiful boat—thanks to the tireless efforts of many people, past and present. The ship is a very complex machine, however, and must be properly maintained to be safe and sound.

The Alderman's job is to represent the people in his Ward, identify issues and solutions, and oversee the government. The issues that I hear about the most from residents in Ward 7 and elsewhere in Annapolis are:

  • too much traffic on Forest Drive, with two-hour + delays getting home or to work when there is an accident;
  • businesses hurting from too little parking downtown, excessive regulation, and taxes that are too high;
  • crime, largely caused by the opioid addiction epidemic; and
  • oversized Crystal Springs-type developments like Parkside Preserve, which is being put next to Quiet Waters Park.

Here are principles that I will follow when working on those issues and all other items that come before the Council:

  • Champion transparency and ethics.
  • Promote business growth and jobs.
  • Honor seniors and nurture children.
  • Compassion for the poor.
  • Strive for government economy, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • Take steps to protect historic structures and natural resources, like the Bay, Back Creek, our tree canopy, and our drinking water.